Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a distinguishing online marketing model that is very convenient for the user. Affiliate marketing works on a profit sharing ratio between a website owner and an advertiser. It is an innovative marketing model in which website proprietors let an advertiser to advertise his products and services on his website.

In exchange, the advertiser has to give the website owner a percentage share in his profits. Affiliate marketing assists businesses in grossing revenue.

Affiliate marketing is a cost beneficial business model where in both the parties participating is happy. Our main attempt at Logik Multimedia is to assist you in your attainment of business profits and Affiliate Marketing is a good way to achieve that. We provide you with affiliate marketing programs that facilitate profits in your business. These are some facets of our Affiliate marketing programs:

Pay Per Click

This is one of the crucial components of Affiliate Marketing. A set sum of money that has been earlier decided upon is put into the affiliate’s bank account whenever the website of the advertiser has been reached by a prospective client through the advertising he has put up on the Affiliate’s site. This amount is negotiable depending on the product and amount of the commission.

Pay Per Sale 

In this understanding, the affiliate gets an entitlement when there is a sale that has come as a result of the advertising on the affiliate’s website. Pay Per Sale is a very important ingredient of our affiliate marketing program.

Pay Per Lead

This is the last component of Affiliate marketing. Pay Per Lead is an agreement that every time a potential client signs up at the merchant’s website as a result of the advertisement on the affiliate’s account, a formerly agreed upon sum is credited into the affiliate’s account

Affiliate Marketing, if prudently used can be one of the best methods of marketing your products. However, blindly advertising can be detrimental to your business. It is important that you thoroughly study the websites that you chose to advertise on. You must take care not to randomly pick websites as per your whim. Once you have decided on the sites you would like to be visible on, you will be certain to make profits.

The main advantage of choosing an affiliate marketing agenda is that your enterprise will become popular on various websites on the internet. If you keep increasing the number of websites you advertise on, your result substantially increases. As per affiliate marketing, you don’t have to commit too much of your time or too many of your assets to the program. All that you have to do is allow your ads to appear on someone else’s website. You do not have the chore of going out there and doing your marketing on your own.

We recommend the following services in our affiliate marketing program:

Creation of ‘affiliates’ webpage
Giving in the affiliate program to affiliate directories
Affiliate directories link management
Manual affiliate request review
Affiliate recruitment with the help of emails
Handling affiliate concerns
Weekly report generation