Understanding Google Domain Age Filter

When you launch a website, you are entering a world that is as populated as the world that we exist in. Maybe it’s even more populated than the real world. The worst part is that every webmaster who launches a website wants to be at the number one spot in Google search engine results.

Now this makes the job extremely difficult for Google to go through each one of these websites and rank them on the basis of their content and SEO techniques. A lot of webmasters want to hit it big early and hence they choose spam techniques to get to the top really fast.

So Google introduced a set of filters to counter spamming and create a search results page that has only quality websites in it. The Google domain age filter works on the policy that if your domain has been around for a few years, Then the chances that you are a spam website are negligible. This is why Google gives older domains a much better ranking than newer ones.

Can You Get Around It ?

Does it mean that it will take a few years before your domain name gets some credibility? Not really, say experts.

Buying old domain names is one way to get around this. If there is a domain that has been bought and parked at a domain parking service, then it will have good credibility at Google.

Another work around is to buy the domain name early. If you are planning to start a few websites next year or so, then start now and book the domain names. Now tell Google about them so that they start the evaluation process right away.

Also if and when you are buying an older domain name, please does not change the WHOIS information or you risk losing all the benefits of buying an old domain name.

And keep in mind that this is only half the war won. There are a set of other filters that you have to combat in order to get high rankings.